The Trials and Tribulations of Ghost Rider Comics

Ghost Rider comics have been a hard sell from day one. While there is a diehard fan of the character, there are a lot of other people who are not so interested. And even those who like the characters do not care for stories that take place in the Ghost Rider comics.

Perhaps the only increase in their Ghost Rider comic story came when Danny Ketch took over into Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze in the 1990s. It is a new era in the Ghost Rider comics, and while breathing new life into the series and characters as Ketch more intriguing than Blaze.



Although, Blaze back to the title in the 2000s first in a series of Marvel Knights mini later in 2006 with the current book, which saw Blaze escape Hell, but released Satan on earth. It also revealed that Ghost Rider spirit truly an angel and not a demon, and that is why Satan can not keep him in hell.


The potential is there though. These characters are interesting and unique, and at times, masterfully portrayed in words and art. But most of the time the story just does not have the dynamic punch needed to propel Ghost Rider comics into the upper echelons. And the first film did not help things a bit.



If the second film is handled correctly, though, and writing and art duties on the comic are top-notch and stayed that way, the next few years could see a revival in the world of the Spirit of Vengeance, the legendary and iconic Ghost Rider.