Diabetes and Eye Care

Diabetes is a medical condition that people of all ages suffer. Anyone, from age 20 to age 74, can suffer from high blood sugar levels and insulin.

Diabetic retinopathy, which is a major cause of eye problems and blindness in patients with diabetes, is a condition in which the eye become damaged without previous warning signs. The condition deteriorated rapidly, causing complete blindness and vision loss in one or both eyes.

Damage can only be controlled if a problem is detected in time. This is why patients with diabetes are encouraged to visit the eye doctor for an eye exam scheduled frequently. So that any sudden damage to the eye which may not be seen by the people, will be detected by a doctor who will treat the condition accordingly.

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Eye Care for Diabetes Patients

In general, patients with diabetes should:

– Schedule an appointment with an eye care professional regularly.

– Keep their blood sugar at a stable level.

– Maintaining the level of their blood pressure under control.

– Aiming to lower cholesterol levels.

– Eat a healthy diet.

– Quit smoking.

– Exercise regularly.

Aside from this, diabetics should immediately visit an eye specialist if they are suffering from blurred vision or black spots. An eye doctor should also be consulted in cases where partial or complete loss of vision occurs in one or both eyes.