Diagnose Hammertoes Problem in Towson

Hammertoe is a toe that is bent because of weekend muscles and tendons which makes it move under the fingers. It can be caused by genetics, poor fitting of the shoes, arthritis, and improper footwear. All such causes dismantle and deformities in the foot.

Hammertoes can only be treated by a well-defined podiatrist. Diagnose your hammertoe problem from https://familypodiatryofmd.com/locations/towson/ in Towson. Where your foot is analyzed carefully and proper medication is prescribed.


This problem is mainly caused by wearing tight shoes and mainly happens in women. Treat before it gets too late because the bending of the toe doesn't look good and cannot be treated if it gets worse.

Some of the other cause which makes the hammertoe pain unbearable is:

  1. Age factor can be seen because with the increase in age certain foot problems occur.

  2. Injuries are the main reason to get feet to stick with various deformities.

  3. Toe length also matters when wearing the shoe because it hurts if you wear small or large.

  4. Diabetes not only affects other parts of the body including the foot also.

  5. Genetics is the last reason which cannot be neglected. The problem which is already running in families.

Pain in the foot caused by hammertoe can get even severe with time. The more you neglect and run from this problem the more it will take its shape. It is advisable to get it checked by the doctor timely.

Treatment for both mild and severe can be done either by following home remedies or by taking drugs from the market. It depends upon the pain and infection in the foot.