How Car Gadgets Are Making Life More Comfortable?

Cars with automatic window coverings are rare and undoubtedly expensive. There are additives on the market for manual window opening mechanisms. Devices available in the automatic cars can make life easier for many. You can look for the Tesla Store to get modern car gadgets. 

12 car commuter essentials to make your daily drive more bearable - Business Insider

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This handy little witch is equipped with an additional tool that also detects outside brightness and turns car headlights on or off. You can set the darkness outside to activate the switch. 

When driving through the tunnel the headlights will be turned on and when exiting the headlights will be turned off. Another small dimension is an electronic sensor that turns the wipers on and off when the screen freezes due to dew or rain.

One tool for automobiles that has proven very useful is the rearview camera connected to the rearview mirror. The rearview mirror has a small LCD screen that shows the entire rear of the car. This allows the driver to easily see the back of the car, even if someone in the rear seat blocks their view through the rearview mirror.

Some people design this device to record a certain period of time when the car is driving. In the event of an accident, the driver can save the recording to support his claim that he is not responsible for the accident. If the driver doesn't save the clip, the video will delete the video a few minutes after the car stops.