Lets Learn about the History of Plumbing we Know Today

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There’s no doubt about the fact that water is one of the most important sources for all living things. Humans, animals, and even microbes require water for survival. The presence of water has led to the introduction of a plumbing system where the system has been present for the past many decades. In fact, Indians, Chinese, Persians, Romans, and Greeks were the first nations that came out with the plumbing system which we know today. In order to learn more about the plumbing system, consider these historical facts.

  1. The first plumbing pipes were made out of straw and baked clay by the Egyptians. This was possible with the use of copper wires where a water-well of 300f was also dug by them.
  2. The popular concept of hot and cold running water was introduced first by the Greeks. Along with this concept, they also were the first to introduce the shower technology made especially during the Olympic games.
  3. The idea of transferring of water from mountains to the cities was introduced by the Romans via the water system. This type of system made it possible for the safe transfer of water.
  4. The modern toilet as we know was first introduced by an Individual named Alexander Cumming in the year of 1775.
  5. John Harrington offered a flushable toilet as a gift to the first Queen Elizabeth. However, it is said that the queen didn’t appreciate the sound made by the toilet which made her terrified.

Today, in the area of Coffs Harbour, bathrooms are renovated or problems are solved by professional plumbers.