Selecting Art Imagery for Investment Purposes

Buying, and then reselling at a profit, is possible with art imagery. And, if done knowledgeably and with good judgment, can be as profitable, if not more so, than most other kinds of investment. So, how do you go about selecting artwork while having art investment profit in mind? Here are some factors to keep in mind before buying:

Differentiate the 3 Kinds of Art Work: 

Decoration art: coordinates with a room's colors and furnishings as decor. It has little, if any, art for investment value. You can also look for contemporary artworks at

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Collectible art: it's being collected by some, so a small market exists for it. Generally, the quality of the work is "student", not superior. If you like it and want it, that's fine.

Investment art: done by top-caliber, well-known artists. It is purchased by collectors, investors and dealers, both nationally and internationally.

Be Aware Of Preferences General In Art Work: horizontals rather than vertical, of girls than boys, the landscape rather than seascapes, domestic animals rather than wild, organic rather than life’s still dead, brighter tone than weight, 24 "x 36 "rather than the medium or small size, cheery than somber subjects.

Buy Only Art Work You Love And Able: You only have to buy art for investment that you have a strong personal response. So, if it goes up in value, you're just going to get.

Buy Only Art Prints Made By The Artist: This is important! Do not buy prints produced commercially. Because every edition of 10 or 20 prints made in person by a recognized artist bought, the price can go up the next issue.