Signs of A Good Quality Shirt

Nothing makes men look better than high-quality shirts, whether for business, casual clothing or for going out. Men want to look good in a decent mens button up shirts. Below are a few tips to help you look for signs of high quality shirts.

Sometimes it's better to empty your wallet from a designer brand that will last for years than from fashion items worn before the end of the season.

The best quality shirts are 100% cotton, but that doesn't mean that a small percentage of chemical fibers are always bad – they tend to contribute to the durability and stretch of shirts – but anything that contains more than 5-10% chemical fibers, is a sign of cheap production, unskilled labor.

You can usually only see good quality by feeling the fabric. However, if you don't have quality attention, look at the percentage of fabric on the inside label.

It's easy to see quality stitches when you know the signs to look out for, and especially when you place poorly sewn goods next to quality. First and foremost, seams should be clean and neat, there should be no stitches, which means loose and easily broken stitches, and there should be no loose padlock on the garment.

The shirt buttons must be sewn in a safe place. Try to pull them a little (but not too much) to make sure they are installed safely. If they feel loose and can easily be pulled out, they are likely to be sewn accidentally (and possibly in squeegee).