Stone or Concrete Countertops

Many homeowners like to use sandstone in their homes because it is a beautiful and highly durable stone that matches a range of decors and themes. If you have been wondering how to use this attractive stone in the kitchen of your home, you are in luck – there are a number of ways that you can incorporate sandstone in the kitchen, so why not use these tips to help you discover all the ways that it can be used?

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Flooring: Sandstone has long been used as a flooring material – it can be effortlessly cut into tiles of any shape or size and laid into grouting with relative ease. When sealed against damaging elements (such as water and other liquids) it can be highly long-lasting and will be able to withstand the hundreds of feet that will walk over it.

Countertops: The more popular use for sandstone in the kitchen is as countertop material due to the fact that it is relatively maintenance-free, apart from a quick wipe down every now and then. Like when used as a flooring material, if the stone is sealed after installation, it will be protected against liquids that could potentially stain it.

Splashback: A little known use for sandstone in the kitchen is as a splashback that runs a little way up the all above all counter surfaces. Some homeowners like to lay some thin stone tiles that are covered with a piece of glass (as this better protects the sandstone and makes it easier to clean), whereas others are happy to leave the stones bare.