What Does a Car Detailing Consists Of?

Want to see your old car in a brand-new look? Get car detailing services and make your car look shiny and clean. Car wash and detailing services are easy to avail as now various people have come up with their own companies providing these services. Car wash services can be easily availed at affordable prices. For your reference you can avail the best car wash and detailing services at Cleen Detailing. It is one of the best companies with an expert team giving the best services to your car. 

If you are confused about what car detailing is, here is a complete guide to it:

-Brushing and cleaning: First step to a car detailing service is brushing and cleaning. Before doing anything, all the dust and direct on your car need to be cleaned. Brushing and cleaning include the exterior car washing including tyres and interior car washing like carpets. 

– Interior Vacuuming: Then comes vacuuming. You might know that car seats cannot be washed or brushed like the exteriors, so to clean them vacuuming is done. Car vacuuming removes all the dirt particles that are settled inside the seats and make it look clean. 

– Glass Cleaning: Glasses are cleaned using the right amount of products and tools. While you might have witnessed that if you clean your vehicle’s glasses they might have some scratches on it or not even get cleaned properly. 

– Polishing: Once the cleaning is done then comes the polishing part. In polishing your car is polished with the oil to make it look shiny and clean. This makes your car look new as ever and also retains the paint.